[by Tiana Ruchti]

Qualified Optical Fiber is a new proprietary product brought to you World Precision Instruments. When you need true plug-and-play optical fibers, you need qualified fiber. Qualified fiber ensures you get consistent measurement results regardless of which fiber you use, even if you switch fibers in the middle of your application. WPI manufactures "Off-The-Shelf" and "Made to Order" high quality spectroscopy fiber and fiber probes. Examples such as transmission dip probes for protein DNA/RNA Quantification, UV Raman Probes for in situ environmental testing of PAHs in aqueouos systems, fluorescence probes designed to detect pH and membrane portential, to standard fiber patch cable to couple to fiberoptic spectrometers, sources and accessories.



Let’s visit what we mean by fiber. An optical fiber is a single thin fiber typically made of glass used to transport light. At WPI the fiber we offer is known multi-mode, a fiber type designed to carry multiple light rays simultaneously through the fiber core. One characteristic of multi-mode fiber is larger cores. This is a preferred trait as every photon from a light emitting event could be crucial to a researcher on the cusp of discovery.

When you compare the production process of typical fiber assemblies with the production process of WPI qualified fiber assemblies, a clear difference emerges. In additional to the three quality checks, each fiber assembly is shipped with certification authenticating its performance. WPI's optical fibers ensure performance attributes such as superior resistance to solarization, lowest basic attenuation at 200 nm and lowest solarization at 214 nm. We are the souce for quality, qualified optical fibers in the market today.

WPI’s Qualified Optical Fiber provides assurance that every fiber product engineered will not only demonstrate superior transmission in the UV spectra, the ultraviolet region, but also have excellent performance consistency. A perfect choice for critical, low light measurements and a great OEM choice, for it allows true plug-and-play replacement. The days of fiber lot-to-lot variability are over.

At WPI we offer qualified standard fiber, bifurcated, cross fiber assemblies, dip probes, multifiber bundles, and more. Contact us today to discuss your application.