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John Dolan, University of Hertfordshire

Julian at WPI provides excellent service and advice. Nothing is too much trouble.
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Microinjection Tool Box

Microinjection Tool Box

Microinjection Setup

The system depicted includes components often favored by researchers:

  1. MICRO-ePUMP Pneumatic PicoPump with built in MICRO-ePORE™ Cell Penetrator to facilitate microinjections,
  2. P-1000 Micropipette Puller
  3. M4C stand
  4. M3301R micromanipulator
  5. PZMTIII microscope with optional lighted base with articulating mirror and optional PRO-300 HDS camera and view screen
  6. E2XX micropipette storage jar
  7. Z-MOLDS Microinjection and Transplantation Molds
  8. 14003-G Vannas spring scissors
  9. Glass capillaries
  10. 77020 glass tweezers
  11. Fluorodish optical grade glass bottom culture dishes

Whatever your needs, WPI offers a range of equipment to fill your requirements.

Microinjection Systems SelectionMicroinjection Systems Selection

Empowering scientists with reliable instruments

Serving scientists for over 50 years, WPI offers a variety of instruments for microinjection including pumps, pipetters, microscopes and more. One of our most popular pumps for microinjection is the PV850 Pneumatic PicoPump.

The PV850, PV830, uPump and MICRO-ePUMP, Pneumatic PicoPumps, were designed to simplify intracellular injection. You get repeatable microinjection in volumes ranging from picoliters to nanoliters. The volume injected is controlled by the inside diameter of the glass tip, the pressure and the time.

  • The PV850 offers eject and hold pressure. The hold pressure prevents backfilling of the pipette by capillary action, ensuring repeatable injections.
  • In addition, the PV830 also has vacuum pressure which allows you to securely hold a cell with one pipette while you inject it with another. 
  • The uPUMP and MICRO-ePUMP have a built in compressor eliminating the need for an external pressure supply. The MICRO-ePUMP with Integrated Cell Penetrator and Internal Pressure Source is perfect for intracellular injection. The Cell Penetrator delivers a highly localized voltage signal to a targeted injection site to facilitate penetration with minimal trauma.

WPI has a customizable Microinjection System with everything you need to get started. The basic system is shown here. Below you will find many options and accessories you may use to customize your system.


You may customize your system using the following options:



Microinjectors Data Sheet




Our Clients Include:

University College London
Imperial College
University of Cambridge
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