Micro-ePUMP microinjector

Do you need a precision microinjcetor with an integrated pressure source for injections in the picoliter range? WPI’s new MICRO-ePUMP is a portable solution for injecting DNA, RNA and proteins, as well as pre- and post- implantation in embryos. Whether you are doing disease modeling with zebrafish or viral research for SARS-CoV2, the MICRO-ePUMP has much to offer. Here are eight good reasons to choose the MICRO-ePUMP for your applications.

  1. Convenient internal pressure source
    The convenient internal pressure source is designed to simplify intracellular injection. With the carefully regulated internal pressure source, there is no need of an external air supply.
  2. Intuitive User Interface
    The touchscreen with simplified user interface and one button controller makes it easy for you to change parameters according to the microinjection application. You can navigate through the options and parameters easily with touch screen and single control knob.
  3. Save your favorite protocols
    The MICRO-ePUMP lets you store up to three programs containing different parameters in the device memory for easy recall.
  4. Small footprint 
    The small footprint takes up very little bench space. You can move it  from one lab to another and place it virtually anywhere. It’s easy to carry, weighing about 5 kilograms.
  5. Simple setup 
    The MICRO-ePUMP microinjector includes a tubing assembly with quick connect ports for the injector. Connection from the microinjector to the pipette is a snap.
  6. High precision for reproducible injections 
    Injected volumes range from picoliters to nanoliters.
  7. Greater embryo survivability with integrated cell penetrator 
    WPI’s MICRO-ePORE™ Pinpoint Cell Penetrator technology is embedded inside the MICRO-ePUMP to delivers an extremely localized voltage signal to a targeted injection site, which facilitates penetration and microinjection with minimal trauma to your cells. And this increases the survival rate of your delicate embryos. This system can also be used with other microinjections protocols that do not require the MICRO-ePORE™ functions.
  8. Hands free control
    You can use a foot pedal for injections, leaving you hands free. With the heavy duty, 2-stage foot switch you can activate the MICRO-ePORE cell penetrator and with the same motion make your injection.

Pressure injection is an especially useful alternative to electroionophoresis, since it does not mandate the use of charged ions. WPI’s MICRO-ePUMP has all your basic microinjection features, as well as many advanced features. Call today for all the details on WPI’s next generation microinjector. 

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