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Researcher UCL, Institute of Ophthalmology

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STARR-Link™ Plus, Analog Data Output Module for use with MouseOxPlus®

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The STARR-Link Analog Output Module is used in conjunction with the MouseOx Plus that provides voltage output of 8 channels of data

  • Output of MouseOx Data
  • Voltage Range of 0 to 5
  • Up to 8 Data Channels
  • No Calibration Required

The?STARR-Link?is an?Analog Data Output Module?for the?MouseOx Plus?that?converts the calculated parameters to an analog voltage output.?The output voltage range is from 0 to 5 volts.


  • Arterial Oxygen Saturation?–?Signal output of real-time percent oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin
  • Heart Rate?– Signal output of real-time cardiac pulse rate output
  • Breath Rate?– Updated every few seconds, this signal ouput of breath rate is derived by breathing effort.
  • Pulse Distension?–?An signal output of the distention of the arterial blood vessels residing between the sensors due to the cardiac output pulse
  • Breath Distension?–?the signal output of the distention of the arterial blood vessels residing between the sensors due to changes in intra-thoracic pressure associated with breathing.
  • Temperature?–?Real-time measurement of Rectal Temperature when you purchase the MouseOx® Plus Body Temperature Software option.
  • Activity?–?Activity signal output is a binary-valued parameter that indicates when the animal is moving versus sitting still when you purchase the Conscious Software option.
  • Subject Number – When using a Multiplexer, Subject # signal output is the number of the animal active on the Multiplexer™.


The STARR-Link has the following use and interface requirements:

  • Hardware – You must have a functioning STARR Life Sciences® MouseOx® Plus device.
  • Software – The STARR-Link does not require special software since all drivers and controllers are contained within the MouseOx® Plus software.
  • Computer Hardware – Your computer must have at least one 2.0 USB port to accommodate the STARR-Link™.
  • Electrical Requirements – Your external recording device must have high-impedance inputs.






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