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Janice Carter, University of Cambridge

The person in WPI I deal with is Julian Williams and he has been very helpful in sorting out any problems we may have and finding items that we require. He is very pleasant to deal with and I have used WPI for the last 8 years and I am very happy with the service that they provide us.
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Pneumatic PicoPump

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Pneumatic PicoPump PV820

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Instruction Manual
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Zebrafish Microinjection Setup
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Microinjection Datasheet
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Discontinued - Newer Model Available

For comparision of the latest options

PV850 Microinjector with External Pressure Source (pressure source not included)

uPump Microinjector with Internal Pressure Source

  • Regulated Hold and Ejection Pressure
  • Carefully regulated air pressures for securing cells and injecting them with fluid
  • Pressure Input: 0-150 psi
  • Pressure Output: 0.3-90 psi

Intracellular injection

Repeatable microinjection in volumes ranging from picoliters to nanoliters. Separate ports supply positive and negative pressure - positive pressure for high-pressure ejection, and suction for supporting the cell or for filling the pipette from the tip. A second pressure port maintains a low positive "holding" pressure to the injecting pipette between injection pulses, to prevent fluid up­take through capillary action or diffusion. Timing, ejection pressure, holding pressure, and suction are adjusted independently by control knobs and indicator gauges on the front panel. Injection pressure is controlled by a 20-turn regulator on the front panel. A built-in timing circuit allows precise control of the amount of time that the injection pressure is applied to the output port. Time intervals can range from 10 seconds down to 10 ms or less, depending on the eject pressure setting. The injection pressure interval can be triggered manually on the front panel, by footswitch, or by computer controlled TTL pulse. A 5 volt monitor output provides a logic-level pulse for your computer or other monitoring device.

PV820 Features

Separate regulated Hold and Ejection pressure, used to maintain a low pressure in the pipette between injections to prevent unwanted fluid uptake by capillary action or diffusion. A precision timing circuit switches from Eject pressure to Hold pressure automatically, once timing has been set. Although regulated vacuum is not provided in this model, suction can be provided by connecting a vacuum source to the vacuum port on the rear panel. Suction is then available through the pressure ports.

Ideal for zebrafish microinjection systems.

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Pressure Input
Pressure Output 0.3-90PSI
Lowest Regulated Pressure re 12" water
Regulator Accuracy 0.1% (20-turn dial)
Regulator Repeatability 0.05PSI (both hold and eject pressures)
Gauge Accuracy 3% at full scale (both hold and eject pressures)
Input Connector Quick Connect (1/4" OD tubing)
Output Connector Barbed (1/16" ID tubing)
Control Solenid
Pulse Width 10ms-10s in Timed Mode (10-turn dial)


Vacuum Input 0-30.0" Hg
Vacuum Output Unregulated
Lowest Regulated Vacuum Unregulated
Regulator Accuracy Unregulated
 Regulator repeatability  Unregulated
 Guage Accuracy  None
 Input Connector  Quick Connect (1/4" OD tubing)
 Output Connector  Barbed (1/16" ID tubing)
 Control  Manual
 Vent  Atmosphere



Input Kit 10' nylon tubing (0.25" OD, 1000PSI), one 1/4" female NPT adapter
Output Kit Two PicoNozzle



Power 95-135V or 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 17 x 3.5 x 9.5" (43 x 9 x 24cm)
Shipping Weight 11 lb. (5kg)



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Pneumatic PicoPump with vacuum

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