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Smart Air-Therm Heater 230V

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AIRTHERM-SMT Instruction Manual
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/ Download as PDF

The AirTherm SMT is a new generation of heat control from WPI designed to be used in Live Cell Imaging applications with microscopes that are fitted with a full microscope environmental chamber enclosure. The standard AirTherm SMT controls temperature and, as an option, humidity.

The AirTherm SMT uses a PID control algorithm to maintain tightly controlled loops of heat and humidity environment control.

With AirTherm SMT, the temperature of the sample and microscope optics can be controlled to within 0.2°C. During operation, air is drawn out of the chamber through a flexible hose, heated by the AirTherm SMT heater, humidified (if desired) and re-circulated to the chamber by the return hose.

  • Precision heat controller for use in live cell imaging and custom incubators
  • Electrically and acoustically quiet
  • Quick, precise response to thermal change

 The system is typically used in a closed loop configuration.

A typical AirTherm SMT installation places the heated air inflow at the bottom and the cold air return at the top of the microscope chamber.


The AirTherm SMT system includes:

  • AirTherm SMT
  • Coil-reinforced heater hose pieces, hose clamps
  • Temperature sensor for remote placement in environmental chamber


Optional Accessories

98728 Humidity sensor and cable

300411 Humidifier and cable


Air Flow Rate 20–50 CFM (0.55–1.4 m3/minute)
Control Temperature Range Ambient to 60°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.2°C
Humidity Control Range Ambient–90%
Humidity Resolution 0.1%
Humidity Accuracy 5%
Humidity Repeatability 0.5%
Analog Output For Chart Re-corder 0.5°C resolution;
0–10V represents 0–100°C
Heating Volume Less than 50 CF (1400L), re-circulating
Temperature Sensor Type Platinum RTD 1000O
Humidifier Type Ultrasonic
Humidifier Tank Capacity 0.5 gallons
Humidifier Daily Output 2 gallons
AirTherm SMT Fuse For 120VAC, 8A 250V 5x20mm metric;
For 230VAC, 4A 250V 5x20mm metric
AirTherm SMT Power 450W, 95–135V or 220–240V, 50/60Hz
AirTherm SMT Dimensions 6½ x 8 x 7½” (15.5 x 21 x 19cm)




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