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Researcher, University of Bristol

Our lab was interested in purchasing a syringe pump from WPI. The company's support was helpful in identifying the required model and even informed us of model-specific limitations (which were of no concern for our intended use). The overall processing and delivery was exceedingly fast – less tha...
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Glucose Detection

Glucose Detection

Measure glucose in vivo or in vitro over long term


  • Implantable microsensor
  • Biocompatible
  • Long term monitoring


  • In vivo long term measurement of glucose in animals or tissues

Measuring glucose in vivo over the long term is challenging and difficult. Previous measurement systems were limited to acute studies or a few days at best. WPI introduces a new kind of implantable glucose sensor based on a patented technology. This sensor provides a tool for researchers to directly detect glucose in chronic studies in vitro or in vivo. The sensor is fully compatible with WPI’s TBR systems.

The tip of the sensor has a coil that holds the enzyme-saturated cotton plug. The diameter of the coiled tip is about 600μm.



IGS100 Implantable Glucose Sensor

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Microsensor Adapter Cable for use with Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Glucose Microsensors and Temperature Sensor

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